House Detail

Thanks for interested in Tiny Wild House. Here is tiny wild life detail.

Tiny Wild House is located on Barrio 3 of San Marcos La Laguna. It’s behind radio tower. It’s 3 minutes walk up from Moonfish Cafe and Blind Lemon’s Restaurant. And it’s just 1 minutes from Love Probiotics. Click this MAP to see exact location of Tiny Wild House.

San_Marcos_Map 3

Super/Gardener of the house, Roberto (Rigoberto) lives left front of Tiny Wild House and you will see him every day. So, you can ask him any issues such as fixing water, electric, roof, taking care of garden and compost. He gets paid monthly for his management work, so please feel free to ask him anything. He doesn’t speak English at all. So, you have to speak Spanish to communicate with him.

Roberto (Super/Gardener) manages electricity system and bill. He will tell you how much electricity you used every month and you will pay him. It’s about Q100~Q200 ($13~$30) /month. I have no control about Electricity System at all. When you receive Electric Bill from Rigoberto, please take a photo of it, so you can reference it for next month, or you can compare it with previous payments. I can share some of my previous bills with you.

Water Tank:
I have a Huge water tank (450 Liter/120 gallon) ! You can take shower 365 days!

IMG_7326 2

I have a brand new refrigerator! Yay!


Cooking stove
The center burner is not working. Don’t attempt to use the center burner! It can be dangerous.


Gas tank for cooking stove locates under the stove. Once a while, you may exchange gas tank. It’s Q105 to exchange the tank.


Below is a tienda (store) I exchange gas tank. 5 minutes walk from my house.


Below is a cart for gas tank

IMG_7165 2

Right now, I don’t use internet in the house, since there are so many restaurants with free wifi in San Marcos and also there are many Internet Cafes. If you want to set up Internet in the house. Please check this Page.

Ground floor is made of Adobe and always cool, and cozy during the daytime.
The bedroom (2nd floor) is made with wooden wall and it gets very hot daytime and gets very cold at night. Please prepare for it!

Bed size
Bed size is 74″ x 48″ It’s a perfect size bed for 1 person, but it’s not big enough for a couple. But if you want, you can buy a bigger bed for me, and throw away the old one. Let me know, before you do that.

Robbery/Burglary/Theft (and all kind of crimes)
Robbery/Burglary/Theft (and all kind of crimes) are pretty common in Guatemala. Please be aware of that. I don’t recommend you to keep expensive items in the house. Please understand that you will take responsibility for any lost/stolen items.

Key Issues
There are keys for gate and house door. I recommend you to lock both keys. Even you lock gate key, I don’t recommend you to leave your items in garden, since gate and fence are not very high and it’s pretty easy for them to come into the garden and take anything.

Water issue
I don’t recommend drinking water from tap water or shower. I recommend closing your mouth when you take shower. For brushing your teeth, I recommend using purchased water.


Parasites in food and water
Parasites (in food and water) is very common around Lake Atitlan, and it is the worst part of living in Guatemala, I think. Below is some interesting articles about parasites.
How to eliminate intestinal parasites naturally
Cleanse your system of parasites naturally
Eliminating The Parasites That You Almost Certainly Have


Kitchen Sink
Once a while kids try to clog the drain pipe from street. When that happens, you need to poke the drain pipe with bamboo stick from street to clean the pipe, as you see picture below. Or ask Rigoberto and he will fix it for you.



I got a super high tech Gas Heating Shower System!

I also have an old school Electric Shower (suicide shower).


Toilet water (sewage) soak into the earth/ground under this house. Don’t throw toilet paper inside toilet. If toilet paper stuck in toilet pipe, we would have to tear the house to fix it. And the cost of repair will be on you!


Toilet papers/Papers/Burnable items
Please burn papers/toilet papers at fire place as picture below. You need lighter, candle and water.
Burn fire little by little. Don’t burn too much at once.
Don’t do it, if it’s windy. When it’s windy, fire would lose control.
Please pour water after using fire, since fire can fly on plants.


We share compost with Roberto’s (next door). Please ask him detail. And please read an article below “12 Things Not To Put In Your Compost Pile”

Below is a photo of compost door

Plastic/metal/Non-burnable garbage
Non-burnable garbage is collected on Every Tuesday at 10am. It’s Q5 for a large bag. You can ask Roberto for the detail and getting help to carry them.

View from balcony is nothing amazing as you can see the picture below.
Neighbor (in front of the house) has a chimney and that smoke comes straight toward the balcony pretty often.


I fixed all holes of my house, so mouse will not come into the house. However, there are many mice in San Marcos. They become active at night. So, please close windows and all doors at night.

I don’t accept any pets (dogs/cats/birds) in (and around) my house, since I get allergic reaction from animal hairs. Please understand.

No Dogs!!!!
There are many many dogs in San Marcos. And many of them carry fleas and lices. Please don’t touch them. And dog poops contain dangerous parasites. Please never walk barefoot on (San Marcos) street. Parasites would go soak in from your barefoot skin.    Dogs (in San Marcos) can get aggressive at night and can be dangerous. And they make crazy barking sound couple times every night. Please prepare for that.



Fleas/Bed Bugs
Most of dogs (in San Marcos) carry fleas and bed bugs. Please don’t touch them. If your clothes and sheets are attacked by these bugs, pour boiled water on them to kill them. And please don’t bring any animals to the house!!!



Bed Bug

Please do best effort not to bring Fleas/Bed Bugs into the house. If you bring Fleas/Bed Bugs, please don’t hide. Please inform me, honestly, ASAP. And please put all clothes/sheets into boiled hot water to kill them. Also you can buy “Diatomaceous Earth” powder to kill them.


Scabies (Sarcoptes Scabiei)

Scabies is a mites (parasites) live on/under human skin. If you don’t treat them quick, they will keep eating your body like termites. And they will keep spreading to anyone you touch. They lay eggs on human skin and eggs are very well protected, so it’s very difficult to kill them. They are very tiny and go inside skin. And you cannot see them. Below is photos of scabies bites and marks of eggs.

(Photo: Wikimedia)

(Photo: Dog with Scabies /Sarcoptes Scabiei)

How to avoid Scabies
1. Don’t touch dogs.
2. Never use someone’s yoga mat.
3. Wash your clothes every day. Especially, when you go to restaurant, your clothes can catch scabies.
4. Wash your sheets every day.
5. When you handshake, wash your hands with soap, right away.
6. Don’t sit on public toilet seat.
7. At restaurant, don’t put your elbow and wrist of table.

Here is how to deal once you notice you might have scabies.

1. Stay away from anyone since you don’t want to give the parasites to others.
2. Go to doctor in San Pedro (Los Volcanes Clinic).
3. Every day, you have to wash your clothes, sheets, mattress cover and blanket with hot boiled water.
4. You need to take shower every morning and every night using Soap (Jabon de Azufre).
5. Most likely, doctor would tell you to cover your full body with pesticide cream (Permetherine 5% Cream).

Termites are the most dangerous bugs for the house. Most of time, you will not see them, since they eat only inside of woods. If you see them, please kill them.
There will be one day or a few days in March or in April, bunch of termites ants fly into the house. It happens just once a year. They fly into wooden house, and then next day they cut their wings and go into wooden parts of house and keep eating house for full year.
It’s pretty easy to kill them when they have wings. All you have to do is to sweep them with broom and burn them. But once they cut their wings, they just go inside of woods and you will never be able to see them. And then they will keep eating house. So, please watch out for that day.

How to kill termites 

Termites with wings


Termites without wings


Below is termites in action



You may see some spiders in San Marcos. I have not seen scorpion in my house for a while. But you may want to watch out the tiny scorpions. I heard that the tiny scorpions will give you more pain than bigger scorpions. Please check inside of your shoes before you put them on. And check your bed and sofa before you sit. I heard it can be pretty painful if you get stung by them, but they will not kill you. Personally, I never got stung by them, yet.


Drinking Water/ Toilet Papers
I buy Drinking Waters/ Toilet Papers from the tienda (store) below. It’s 1 minutes walk from my house.


Below is a cart for carrying water.


Below is a tienda (store) has ATM macine. 3 minutes walk from my house.


Below is garbage cans in San Marcos