Here is some activities you can do in San Marcos La Laguna, Lake Atitlan.

San Marcos Community facebook

San Marcos Guide

Yoga Forest
Kundalini Yoga
Las Pirámides Meditation Center
Kaivalya Yoga School at Mahadevi Ashram
Eagle’s Nest Yoga
Mystical Yoga Farm
La Paz Yoga Class (9am & 3pm every day)
Storyteller Within
Villa Sumaya
Indigo House
Del Lago Morning Yoga (7:30am & 9am every day)
Agama Yoga Retreats (at La Paz)
Pasaj Cap Yoga
San Pedro Mellow Down Easy Yoga
Soul Ride Yoga Retreat
Yoga Freedom
Isla Verde
The Panajachel Center
Dron Yoga

Metaphysics Study
Las Pirámides

Cacao Ceremony
Cacao Ceremony video
Cacao Ceremony Home Page
Cacao Ceremony article

Tantra Study
The Sanctuary

Dark Room Meditation
The Hermitage
Dark Retreats

Festival of Consciousness
Therapy Center Flower House
East West Center
Ananda Healing Center
San Marcos Holistic Cottage

SevenStars TaiChi TaoTemple

Cosmic Convergence Festival (December 30st-January 2nd, every year)
Festival of Consciousness (March, every year)

Permaculture Workshops
Fungi Academy Mushroom Training Center
Atitlan Organics
Yoga Forest

Spanish School
Paco Real Spanish School
San Marcos Spanish School
How to lean Spanish

Weaving Workshop
Rising Minds

Probiotics and Fermentation Workshop
Love Probiotics

Indian Nose Hiking
San Pedro Volcano Hiking
Water Fall Hiking in Tzununá
There are many local guides that would take you to hiking. Never go hiking by yourself. There are many many highwaymen in Guatemala.  If you happen to face with a robber, just follow his direction and give him whatever you have. Don’t get panic. Never try to fight with him. Your life is the most important. Most likely, his interest is your objects and money. He is not really interested in you or your life. As long as you follow his direction, he will not harm you, usually. He is just doing his job and he doesn’t want to end up killing you.

Kayaking is only Q20 for 1 hour.

Cliff Jumping & Swimming
San Marcos Natural Reserve

Silent Meditation
Kaivalya Yoga School & Ashram
Las Pirámides

Hanuman Project (every Monday 3pm)

Work Exchange using Time Bank
San Marcos Time Bank
San Marcos Time bank facebook group

Volunteer Works
Project Nuevo Mundo
ODIM Guatemala
Appropriate Technology Collaborative
Konojel Nutrition Center
Pura Vida
La Cambalacha
Project Kajol
Escuela Caracol
Comité Campesino del Altiplano (CCDA)
Mil Milagros
Cojolya Association of Maya Weavers
Cojolya Association of Maya Weavers
La Puerta Abierta

Hair Cut:
Heart Center

Internet Cafes & Restaurants
Blind Lemon’s (free wifi)
Il Girdino (free wifi),
Circle Cafe (free wifi),
Posada Schumann (free wifi)
Del Lago (free wifi)
Shambhala Café (free wifi)

How to Solve Awful Guatemala Wi-Fi Speeds

Hotels & Houses
PacoReal Hotel
Hotel Quetzal
Hotel San Marcos
Hospedaje Pacha Mama
Hotel Bosque Encantado
Hotel La Paz
Circle Hostel
Hotel Jinava
Hotel Aaculaax
Pasj Cap
Casa de Pescados

List of Doctors/Clinics
Clinicas Maya (San Marcos)
East West Center (San Marcos)
Los Volcanes (San Pedro)
ODIM (San Pabro)
Shaman, Dr. Bill Clemens (San Marcos)
Hospitalito Atitlán (in Santiago)
Lake Atitlan Wellness Clinic (3-34 Calle Monterrey, Panajachel)
Dr. Craig at Puesta de Salud (Santa Cruz)

Guatemala Visa
Visa Extension

Internet around Lake
Smartphone WiFi
Lake Atitlan Internet Services

Lake Atitlan Boat Schedule

Cosmic Convergence Festival Guatemala 2013-2014-HD from David Casey on Vimeo.

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