Tiny Wild House is located in San Marcos La Laguna.
San Marcos La Laguna is a quiet village on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.


From Guatemala City Airport
I don’t think there is bus that goes straight from Guatemala City to Lake Atitlan. I recommend you to stay in Antigua for one night and take shuttle van from Antigua to San Macros La Laguna, next morning. Don’t stay around Guatemala City. Guatemala City can be dangerous.

Robbery is pretty common in Guatemala. If you happen to face with a robber, just follow his direction and give him whatever you have. Don’t get panic. Never try to fight with him. Your life is the most important. Most likely, his interest is your objects and money. As long as you follow his direction, he will not harm you, usually. He is just doing his job and he doesn’t want to end up killing you.

From Guatemala City Airport to Antigua
After you get out of Guatemala City Airport, look your right and you will see a shuttle van to go to Antigua.
It will be about $10 and takes about 1~2 hours to get to Antigua.
If you don’t see a van, you can wait at cafe.
If you arrive night, van may not be working. That case, get a taxi, which can cost about $30 to go to Antigua.

The drawing below shows you how to find the shuttle van going to Antigua from Guatemala City Airport.


Below is the picture of the van that will go to Antigua. Usually, there is one van waiting for 5~6 travelers like you. Usually, the driver speaks English. If not, ask other people, in the car, to translate for you. And show the driver the address of the hotel you are going. Driver will take you to your hotel.



At Antigua, I often stay at “Casa Amarilla = Yellow House Hostel”  It’s clean, good location and they speak English. It’s about $15~$20 per night.
Casa Amarilla (Yellow House Hostel)
1a. Calle Poniente No. 24,
Antigua Guatemala
Telephone+502 7832 6646
E-mail: yellowhouseantigua@hotmail.com
Book on Hotels.com
Book on Expedia.com

2nd option for a hotel in Antigua is Luna Jade Hotel.
Luna Jade Hotel
1ra. Calle poniente No. 22,
Antigua Guatemala
TELÉFONO: +(502) 7832 0726

Antigua Map

From Antigua to San Macros La Laguna
Stay at a hostel (about $15/night) in Antigua for one night. And most of hostels can book a shuttle bus (van) for you to go to San Macros La Laguna, next morning. The shuttle bus (van) from Antigua to San Macros La Laguna is about $10 and takes about 4~5 hours.
When you book the shuttle bus (van), make sure you are going to “San Marcos La Laguna” and you are not going to “San Macros City”

Most of time, 9 out of 10 people, of the van, is heading to San Pedro. And, you are the only one, in the van, who will go to San Marcos, most likely. So, make sure you talk to the driver that you are going to San Marcos La Laguna and you are not going to San Pedro. Otherwise, the driver will assume you will go to San Pedro and will not take you to San Marcos La Laguna.
When the bus (van) arrive at a small village called San Pablo, often time, the driver will find a tuk-tuk car for you and leave you to go to San Marcos. That case, make sure that the driver paid for the tuk-tuk car driver.


Tuk-Tuk Car (from San Pablo to San Marcos).


Tiny Wild House locates behind Blind Lemon’s Restaurant. It’s a very convenient location. Below, you can see where Tiny Wild House locates.