Hi, I’m renting out my house from March, 2022.

Q1000/month: Rent
Q0: Water: I paid already for whole this year.
Q0: Electricity: I paid already for whole this year.
Q0~Q130: Gas: Depends on how much you use gas cooking stove and gas shower.
Q0~Q400: Internet: Depends on which Internet companies you use.
Please No Dogs, No Cats , No shoes in the house. Please understand.
If you are interested, please email me at:

Below is video of Tiny Wild House!

Below is video of Garden!

Location:  Tiny Wild House is located in San Marcos La Laguna. San Marcos La Laguna is a quiet village on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. Barrio 3 of San Marcos La Laguna. It’s behind radio tower. It’s 3 minutes walk up from Moonfish Cafe and Blind Lemon’s Restaurant. Click this MAP to see exact location of Tiny Wild House.
This map shows you where Tiny Wild House locates.