Hi, I’m looking for a House Sitter for my Tiny Wild House.

Q 0: Rent
Q 0: Water
Q 100: Electricity/Month
Q ?: Gas (Depends on how much you do cooking.)

Below is House Rules:
No Dogs, No Cats, No Pets! (Because I get allergic reactions from pets.)
No shoes inside of the House!
Please use House clean!
You need to live in the House. (You can’t live in Antigua or somewhere using my House as a temp housing.)
You need to clean Garden, once a while.

If you are interested, please email me at:

Below is video of Tiny Wild House!

Location:  Tiny Wild House is located in San Marcos La Laguna: Barrio 3 of San Marcos La Laguna. It’s 3 minutes walk up from Moonfish Cafe and Blind Lemon’s Restaurant.